Sunday Morning Marathon Group





Meeting Point

The Field in Shipley Park (postcode DE75 7JH – just down the road from the Red Phone Box/Defibrillator).


Plenty of free parking.


About the Session


Pacing groups:


Sub 9 min miles

Sub 10 min miles

Sub 11 min miles

Sub 12 min miles


The aim is to support our runners training for Autumn Marathons, so we aim to build up mileage over a 4-month period. The training is also good for those just wanting to up the long runs or aim for longer distances.


This programme also runs through the winter to help members training for Spring marathons too.


At each session there will be options for distances. For example, if the aim of the week is 10 miles, there will be a 5 mile and an 8-mile option.


Water, Gels and Jelly sweets are available and there is use of a toilet. Where possible the routes will also pass public toilets.


There is also a Facebook messenger group for those interested in joining where people share tips/motivation ideas. Happy to add anyone that would like to join us.





Jason Hughes

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