Member of the Month.

At Smalley Road Runners we love to celebrate all of our wonderful members. Every month we have Member of the Moth where members can nominate their fellow runners and then members vote for their winner. The winners are then announce on Facebook.

Here are all of our winners since we started the accolade in May 2018.

2022 Winners

June 2022

Claire Durose

Claire was nominated for being an amazing runner and smashing out brilliant runs over and over again. For learning new teaching methods and using them when leading groups, which she does very very often (even with injuries). Always doing great at park runs. She is a top friend to lots of people. Super happy, super funny and super lovely! Oh, she is also a proper hot nun too!! (Hairy Helmet Relay)

May 2022

Emmie Williamson

Always happy to help and support us. She supported our move over to inters A always around when we need her with a smile on her face.

April 2022

Ray Randall

Ray, for his amazing time at the Boston Marathon. The effort and dedication Ray put into his training for Boston (and all his races) is exemplary, if novice runners at the club want to see what can be achieved just look at how far Ray has come in only a few years! Great runner and all-round good guy, well done Ray! Ray’s amazing time at Boston, not just that he's an all-round nice person who's always there for advice and knowledge. What a fab achievement in Boston. In awe of him! Amazing achievement to qualify and represent the club in the most prestigious marathon in the world. Not only that Ray got a PB on a course far tougher than Manchester. A legend. What Ray has achieved in his running in the space of 5 years is inspiring. Ray for his amazing Boston Marathon & marathon PB. A strong committed runner. This guy is just an inspiration to us all, smashed Boston (USA) marathon out of the water. Phenomenal runner. Ray Randall, Drops mic. 

March 2022

Emmie Williamson

Emmie once said to me, I don’t think I’ll do more than a 10k, and she’s just completed Ashby 20, what a huge achievement. She’s also so encouraging and generally a great person to run with! Emmie over the past few months has increased her distance running considerably. She has gone from strength to strength listening to her body, doing the gentle runs and interval sessions to boost her mileage increase. Not only has she done this but she has run in unfamiliar environments, in adverse weather (gale force winds on a 16 mile run) and made sure she has given her body recovery time too. She also smashed Ashby 20 at the weekend and I think will increases her distance more. What an amazing achievement gained in the best way with sustained training xx

February 2022

Cara Armstrong-Smith

Cara for recruiting 4 new members to the club and taking charge of the Friday Night Run. Using her time to support the C25k group and runners outside of club and at Parkruns. Always attending club runs and always sporting orange! Cara continues to go under the radar, she runs most days, pushes some awesome times whilst slows it down when she’s helping others, she’s started her own social running group on a Friday evening and willing to travel to different routes to fulfil the run she organised to fit others runners in who can’t travel. A regular helper in the C25k group. I predict a good year of running for Cara. For always cheering on and celebrating everyone’s successes, no matter how big or small. She will always run with you at any pace or distance and can be guaranteed to be everyone’s champion! She has a true Smalley spirit and is a hidden gem.

Well Done Cara.

January 2022

Keith Sheldon

Keith for setting up the Wednesday night social runs and for being a superstar regular volunteer at parkrun! Keith is really coming into his own at club and will make a fantastic new Co-leader. For all of his efforts encouraging everyone and not letting them give up. Using his own time volunteering for Park Run, organising social runs and helping support the runners in C25K. This man is well and truly the heart of Smalley Runners!

Well done Keith.

2021 Winners

December 2021

Di Lewis

Di attends club every week and the consistency is paying off as she has moved from beginners to Inters B and is smashing it. Well done lovely. Keep up the good work. 

November 2021

Mike Armitage

He has set up the Monday night run and recently set out a plan to get him and his team under two hrs for the half, and did it. Fabulous results for all which was made possible by Mike organising. Mike, for his work with the Monday sub 2hr half marathon training group and going out and smashing his goal in the Derby Half.

October 2021

James Jackson

For bringing the Smalley spirit to London through helping a fellow runner across the line. Not only is James an excellent runner who encourages others in the club, he also sacrificed his race to help another runner cross the line in the London Marathon. Amazing! Fantastic time run in London, whilst even giving up time to help a stranger get to the end. A credit to the Orange. Jacko! Without a doubt. For going above and beyond, sacrificing his finish time and helping an injured runner to finish at London Marathon. Jacko helps out on club nights, is always a smiley face to see and gives great hugs. Jacko you’re a legend through and through.

September 2021

Paul Garton & Shane Horsley

Paul Garton - Paul deserves to be recognised for his true SRR spirit after taking care of a lady unbeknown to him at the Wilne race. Paul helped the lady who was struggling with asthma to the finish line and supported her after the race making sure she was ok. Well done, Paul, such a caring thing to do that didn't go unnoticed. SRR are lucky to have you. Paul crossed the finished line with another runner, from another club, who by their admission was in the midst of an asthma attack. Paul stayed with said runner whilst St. Johns ambulance looked after the runner, and afterwards ensuring they were alright.


Shane Horsley - Shane doesn’t get the recognition he deserves. He has been with the club a few years and I don’t think he has won a thing which is remarkable when you consider all he has achieved: - he is about to embark on back to back marathons at Berlin and London - that alone deserves a nomination - he has raised thousands of pounds for charity running some of these races - he has lost a load of weight (literally halved in size) to be the runner he is today - he has dropped in to cover groups as the leader at the drop of a hat on many occasions, including the Monday Social Group - he is the most supportive and encouraged running buddy when he is running with you - he runs some of the strongest times at the club, including a very fast time at Shipley Park Run this month (I think it was 22 minutes!) - he has recruited a lot of members to the club through is encouraging style - he even has orange hair to match Smalley colours.  Quite simply, a club legend.

August 2021

Aaron Pears

Aaron has been a member of the club for over 4 years. I wanted to nominate him because in all that time I don’t believe he has ever been recognised for the dedication to the club and the amazing improvements he has made as a runner in all that time. Aaron has been “Inters” runner for most of the time he has been at the club, although he was one of the first Inters Runners I recall that he set himself the target of completing a marathon. This really pushes Aaron’s boundaries but he did it. Not only that, he then went on last year to do a virtual marathon around Carsington. He is now training for his next marathon, supporting a group of less confident runners in the Effing and Jeffing Group and making great progress. Aaron has also put a lot of work into helping set up the Smalley 5 Bells, conducting all the safety risk assessments. Aaron has been a club welfare officer, and this year became one of the first Level 2 coaches. He continues to lead Inters Groups in the week, encouraging everyone in the groups. All this isn’t bad for a person that doesn’t see himself as a runner!

July 2021

Priya Agheda & Mark Binns

Priya has been a member I think for over 4 years. During that time she has developed into a fantastic runner, great team player and role model for everyone at the club. In the first year she improved her speed very quickly and was soon one of the fastest females at the club setting very good 5k and 10k times. Unfortunately, just as she was starting to up her speed and distance Priya found herself getting injured. Undeterred, Priya stayed with the club and just focused on running for running sake - for the love of it. She joined the cross-country team, and also became a volunteer co-ordinator at Shipley Park Run. Priya loves supporting others and continued to run to encourage others. This year, after a good spell of no injuries, Priya has at last had the chance to string some good training together. The combination of intervals and longer runs has made Priya stronger, and she has recently broken her 5k and 10k PBs which had stood for 3 years. Not only that she has gained Crowns on lots of Strava Segments as her training has gone from strength to strength. Well done Priya and thank you for all the support you give everyone every week.

Mark has displayed this month how he has progressed as a runner smashing his 5km time at Park Run last week by over 2 mins. His recent improvement is fantastic. Always helping out on club nights and still always pushing his own running pace. Running longer and faster as the weeks go on. It’s great to see him injury free and back doing his thing. An excellent comeback following injury, now marathon training some serious distances and knocking out Parkrun PBS - a thoroughly genuine member of SRR to boot! Well done Mark! Great to see you back running!

June 2021

Debbie Cotton

Deb has been openly struggling and has shared it with us all. She is having lots of battles with her body and head and done the really amazing thing of normalising it. We all have times when we find something hard and its really easy to crumble and let it beat you, but Deb is battling and bringing us all along to help and in turn help us. She is turning up, putting the training in and putting the demons to bed. I’m so proud and in awe of her and I hope I will always have her strength to ask for help and try. She will get there, Deb, we know you won’t quit and every run you get stronger, and we see you twinkle and I’m so pleased. Go Deb!

May 2021

The Ginsley Challenge 6

Completing a marathon is no mean feat but to spread it out over 24 hours certainly gives it a different spin especially in the weather that May had to throw at you on the day! The challenge was embarked on by 5 of our wonderful members:

  • Jacqui Brookes

  • Chris Chambers

  • Bec Freeman

  • Andrew Mucklestone

  • Michelle Mucklestone

  • Keith Sheldon

Congratulations to you all, thoroughly well deserved. 

April 2021

Janita Dawes

Janita has been a true friend during Lockdown Setting herself monthly challenges to make sure she gets out and does it. Leading little groups on runs/walks and always supporting others to get round or even just out. One of SRRs hidden treasures. Janita has found lockdown and lack of routine hard on her running and missing club runs. She is so determined to get back to where she was before. She did a walking challenge in March and raised a lot for a great cause, has been back running with beginners and has well and truly embraced the new jeffing group and most runs I see posted she is at. Her determination and goals are excellent and so pleased to see her back x

March 2021

Mark Hird

Mark started training for the Ashby 20 mile in January 2021. He threw himself into the training and set new standards almost weekly. He set PBs for his half marathon regularly and worked extremely hard to get himself ready for Ashby 20 Mile. Despite picking up an injury Mark was determined to complete his 20 Mile challenge and achieved a fantastic time and set new PBs for multiple distances. Well done Mark you are an inspiration to all at SRR. Mark has pushed and pushed over the last few months. He's done fantastic and achieved so many PBs. Looking forward to running with him again soon  Mark trained for Ashby 20 with great commitment and improved week on week. Two weeks before the event he was injured but, on the day, smashed it and got a great time. Well done Mark. Mark Hird for his fantastically, super, outstanding efforts with virtual Ashby 20. Brilliant PB achievements despite being injured two weeks before the event. For his hard work and smashing his virtual Ashby 20 and in the meantime still supporting others and having more faith in me than I do!

February 2021

Jason Hughes

I find it hard to believe despite being nominated many times Jason has never won member of the Month. His drive, enthusiasm is second to none but he is willing to give up his own aspirations and run with others to allow them to reach theirs. Plus he is a really nice mate! For knuckling to dedicated training for Ashby 20 and achieving great results. You’re an inspiration.


January 2021

All the wonderful SRR Members

I feel this month has been tough for all and many are doing everything they can just to get through January. My vote therefore is for all members. Some vocal, some not. Some run some don't. This is one month I think we should say well done and keep going to all.

2020 Winners

January - Victoria Vb

February - Richard Myers

March - N/A - COVID19

April - N/A - COVID19

May - Becki Dickinson

June - Jerry Marler

July - Helen Chambers

August - Emma Edwards

September - Smallympics Crew

October - Jerry Marler

November - Joanne Hird

December 2020 - 

Bev Jane Cossey Watson & Ali Allen

2019 Winners

January - Rachael Lyons

February - Becki Dickinson

March - Clair Hughes

April - Michael Martin

May - Beverley Jane Cossey-Watson

June - Janet Lawn

July - Anita Bailey

August - Anita Bailey

September - Michael Dolan

October - Paul Morley

November - Mike Blair

December - Mike Armitage

2018 Winners

May - Lisa Kirkley

June - Paul Morley

July - Lucy Pears

August - Julia Hind

September - Michael Martin

October - Ray Randall

November - Jacqui Saunders

December - Priya Agheda