Changes At The Captains Table

Simon Kennedy (pictured below) has stepped down after 3 and a half years leading SRR

Simon had this to say –

“Thanks for everyone who attended the AGM this evening, what a great turn out and shows what a great club we have. I personally thank you all.

However, I had so much to say in my starting speech tonight, and true to form to myself I didn’t say what I needed to say so I’ll say it now 😂.

I would like to congratulate my (VC) Neil on becoming (C) Captain of SRR, this guy has helped me out so much, not just on a club level but as a friend on personal level, like needing a kettle he was there 😀. I could not wish for a better person to take on the mantle as a captain, you’ve got a good leader and I’m glad I saw this in him (gloat) 😆
Congratulations on all the new committee members for taking on the club….”

Taking Over The Reins – The new SRR Captain, Neil Rayson (below)

Neil had this to say –

“I have a few words to say about our Captain Simon Kennedy that I wanted everyone to know so here goes.

Simon held the position of captain for the last 3 1/2 years, back when the club had around 10 core runners, he stepped up to lead when the club could have easily disappeared.

His relentless dedication of taking the sessions every Tuesday and Thursday (sometimes running alone so the sessions went ahead) is why the club exists today.
We will continue to take the club forward with the same ethos you have shown to us all.
I take my hat off to you pal and it’s been an honour being your vice captain over the last 18 months
I think an honorary life long membership is in order.

Everyone here at Smalley Road Runners would like to thank Simon for taking this club to the level it’s at now and wish him the very best for the future. May his determined ‘never say die’ feet take him in the very direction he desires.”